689 Commits (master)

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  beadsland a231d26b48 any live event in window 1 month ago
  beadsland 8a9470ccdd testing bindsight 1 month ago
  beadsland 0d297155ec spin off bindsight to own project 1 month ago
  beadsland 3f8f2b8a7e RFC 1341 bchars pattern 1 month ago
  beadsland 2d00f37787 add dialyzer support 1 month ago
  beadsland 4326674af7 test webstream — !!cowboy charset misbehave / mint data_buffer noflush!! 1 month ago
  beadsland ccf48d0450 fix arguments / arities 1 month ago
  beadsland ff973f967a minor dialyzer fixes 1 month ago
  beadsland 7f2e6c7ce7 refactor mint processing to slosh 1 month ago
  beadsland c94c2f52fa infinity idle_timeout to allow arbitrarily indefinite streams 1 month ago
  beadsland aaf143de2b clear extraneous IO.inspect comment 1 month ago
  beadsland 363c2ceba4 swap out snapsource in favor of request/chunk/digest 1 month ago
  beadsland 390b32826e reimplement w/o complex regex 1 month ago
  beadsland bc6d532372 use iolists for logger messages 1 month ago
  beadsland 41fc7b3291 correctly pass camera as state 1 month ago
  beadsland d542400dd0 consume stream rather than snapshots 1 month ago
  beadsland 14e241d651 complex state, so use struct 1 month ago
  beadsland 0be2ce163d camera api now by configuration 1 month ago
  beadsland f2c764ff21 fix params for state 1 month ago
  beadsland a86bd66db6 identify where unknown messages coming from 1 month ago
  beadsland 12dc409c82 clean up interface 1 month ago
  beadsland 863581e593 correctly handle defoverridable (keyword not module attribute) 1 month ago
  beadsland b4cc936a1e refactor handle_info to mintjulep and define as behaviour 1 month ago
  beadsland 973ef2c75f defer connect/request cycle until after responses dispatched 1 month ago
  beadsland f813c9e3c2 replace try_again with sip semantics 1 month ago
  beadsland 3026ae8f6b strip out parts 1 month ago
  beadsland d0a3b4c8ba refactor mint polling to own module 1 month ago
  beadsland be24660315 refigure query string 1 month ago
  beadsland 513f44b258 test multiple request/digest frames 1 month ago
  beadsland d3bcf28696 break request into request/digest pair 1 month ago
  beadsland 4d3693a1e5 migrate request into a spigot -- probably ought to be slosh 1 month ago
  beadsland 3972a73d11 standardize spigot naming 1 month ago
  beadsland 5608c59a20 reimplement snapshot as genstage 1 month ago
  beadsland 54cf28259f drop redundant default 1 month ago
  beadsland e94d604835 alias within use 1 month ago
  beadsland 9802a360a0 tighten 1 month ago
  beadsland d77bcc37a5 more aggressive no-cache 1 month ago
  beadsland 2290dd9c6d stream as flipshow -- no unit test yet 1 month ago
  beadsland fe3ebc0814 basic snoop architecture and slurp flush snoop 2 months ago
  beadsland 34b1a00820 refactor snapshot route to own module 2 months ago
  beadsland 9e19f83d13 ripcord to terminate spew once finished 2 months ago
  beadsland ef285323e7 declutter observer 2 months ago
  beadsland 507d4c14c1 webapi now taps spew 2 months ago
  beadsland 3dd68d974f correctly pass parameter(s) 2 months ago
  beadsland 921e02928a test broadcast via spew 2 months ago
  beadsland 9fff737817 tighten 2 months ago
  beadsland dca76b0437 consume multiple spews 2 months ago
  beadsland 316dab2420 rudimentary spew using keystore registry in place of atom names 2 months ago
  beadsland de92ced780 rework get_register_name to use tuple 2 months ago
  beadsland 7fd7cee0fe refactor get_env to library 2 months ago